Miniaturisation & integration

Miniaturisation & integration is a key theme across many areas of vehicle design.

The electrical distribution system is a good example of this.

Trends: Increased vehicle functionality. Increased circuit count.
Challenges: Reducing weight. Optimising packaging within the vehicle.

Thinner cable sizes. Smaller terminals. Alternative conductors. Improved harness packaging e.g. through overmoulding. This is how LEONI’s tool chain and skill set can work to reduce weight and make life easier for our customers.

Innovation. Miniaturisation. Integration.

Micro-electronics integration

Overmoulded electrical and electronic components ensure reliable connections by being fully protected against mechanical stress and environmental conditions. Different designs of overmoulded connectors, including customer specific solutions, allow harnesses to be fitted more easily where space is tight. This technique ensures increased protection against the ingress of water, salt, dust and corrosive chemicals.

This approach can be taken one step further. The integration of micro-electronics into the overmoulded component.

By integrating micro-electronics into overmoulded components, LEONI can optimise the functionality and reliability in this area.

Embedded sensor solutions

Embedded sensor solutions have numerous automotive applications. Within a vehicle, customer and application-specific solutions are often required. For example – ABS systems, electric park brake and electronic damping control.Embedded sensor solutions offer clear benefits:

  • Perfect fit, even where space is restricted
  • Protection against water, dust and corrosive chemicals
  • Increased mechanical durability

LEONI can provide a tailored system solution. By incorporating sensors, actuators and other devices in an overmoulded harness assembly, the highest levels of safety and reliability are ensured for many different applications e.g. engine and transmission control systems. “Poka yoke” design guarantees the correct assembly in all situations.

LEONI has these skills, the products and the technologies. 


LEONI PinchGuard® is an optical anti-pinch sensor for motor driven closure systems in vehicle applications such as electric windows, powered tailgates, sliding doors, sunroofs, pedestrian protection systems and seat occupant sensors.

The system can be further enhanced by using a “no-touch” technology – particularly appropriate for fast-closing, heavy sliding doors or sunroof systems.

Key benefits of LEONI PinchGuard® include:

  • flexible application
  • easy integration within the vehicle
  • minimal impact on overall vehicle design
  • very low bending radii possible
  • continual monitoring of system integrity (optional warning)