“LEONI beyond harness” – this slogan describes our ever expanding product range, focused on adding value for our customers. One such area is connection technology. We provide the components for an optimal connection. This might include the development of connectors for customer specific applications. Our product portfolio ranges from simple plug housings to the modular high-voltage connectors for electric vehicles.

We offer customised and standardised connectivity solutions.

  • For example: Connectors for fuse and relay boxes
    Using specially designed connectors for fuse and relay boxes, we ensure an optimal interface between box and harness.
  • Another example: Splice substitute components
    These can replace splices in the harness by using a connector solution. This ensures a high level of environmental protection, diagnostic in the vehicle assembly process, simplifies installation and has a high level of design flexibility.


Fuse- and relay box with connectors for power distribution

Fuse- and relay box with connectors for power distribution

The complete solution from one source



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