Logistics / supply chain

Right place. Right time. Every time.

Two key factors enable LEONI consistently to deliver the highest levels of customer service and support:
Innovative logistics processes & an integrated supply chain

Right from procuring materials from suppliers, through to product packaging, warehousing and final supply to the customer, LEONI plans and implements a supply chain that delivers precisely what the customer wants.

As part of this we are expert at supporting customers with the supply of KSK wiring harnesses (Kundenspezifischer Kabelsatz). This allows individual harnesses to be manufactured for a specific vehicle, precisely supporting the customer’s requirements.

Our integrated logistics concepts can include customised solutions e.g.:

  • Warehousing / Product distribution
  • JIT (Just In Time) & JIS (Just In Sequence)
  • KSK wiring harnesses (Kundenspezifischer Kabelsatz)
  • Trackside deliveries (including custom designed packaging)
  • Aftermarket logistics support