LEONI “development” means bringing innovation to the customer. Always looking for a better way. LEONI has the development tools and support services to ensure the customer’s every requirement is taken care of – from initial concept studies to the safe installation of the final product. 

EDS system analysis. Component design. Product testing. Logistics support. Full Service Supply – it’s the way we work. Our integrated tool set allows our engineers and customer teams to optimise circuit performance and fusing strategies – also helping to reduce weight and cost. From EDS system architecture concepts to virtual modelling. From wiring harnesses and component design to 3D packaging. Tools to support our services. Services to support our products.

Everything to support our customers.

3D dynamic harness simulation

Ensuring the correct fit of the wiring system in the vehicle helps to optimise safety and reliability as well as reducing vehicle assembly time.

3D dynamic harness simulation allows wiring system designs to be “fitted” into the structure of the vehicle. This holistic approach helps to optimise the harness development process and so reduce lead times.

Our integrated tool set includes 3D dynamic harness simulation functionality. This fits seamlessly as part of our tool chain focused on optimised EDS system designs within defined parameters. Also, knowledge management capabilities facilitate automated checks of the wiring harness design against predefined rules and standards.

3D dynamic harness simulation. Integrated design process. Optimised harness fit with the vehicle. Reduced development lead times.

CAD tool set

An integrated tool chain designing innovative products – ensuring high quality and functionality.

Our expertise, integrated in-house CAD tool chain and understanding of the market trends and customer needs mean, when developing a vehicle’s EDS system, we can consider the following:

  • EDS network concept
  • Functional partitioning
  • Feature list
  • ECU hardware
  • Grounding concept
  • Power distribution
  • Packaging
  • Harness partitioning
  • Harness routing
  • Wire dimensioning

Our tool set delivers a detailed vehicle EDS system analysis. Automated processes allow alternative EDS design strategies to be compared and supporting weight and cost studies to be completed. Design Rule Checks (DRCs) can be customised and applied through the full tool suite to ensure compliance with the customer’s standards. Streamlined processes and standardised data optimise accuracy and improve product design lead times.

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping allows sample parts and tools to be made very quickly. Tools can be made from different materials depending on the intended use.

Using this technique, plastic parts and specific tools can be produced – and used to manufacture “sample” plastic parts that will be very close to production standard. This provides greater flexibility during the product design process and helps to reduce overall development lead times.

We use rapid prototyping to accelerate the development process – providing our customers with a fast, flexible and cost-effective service. This can produce plastic components e.g. fuseboxes, brackets, formers and even prototype grommets and pre-formed harness samples. Also our in-house 3D printing, Selective-Laser-Sinter technology and high speed milling capability allows us to work to tight deadlines when producing initial sample parts. These samples are dimensionally accurate and can be used to check “fit and function” as well as interlocking features.