Light-weight solutions

Reducing weight. Optimising performance.

There are two clear routes to saving weight:

  • Using lighter weight materials
  • Using less material

LEONI expertise is clearly demonstrated by new technology developments and innovative products in serial production. For example, we provide wiring systems incorporating aluminium for automotive customers – low, medium and power applications. This helps to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle exhaust emissions.

Light-weight materials

Reducing weight is a continued point of focus for the automotive industry. As a major global supplier, LEONI has a clear role to play. Research into new materials. Reducing the weight of current products. Bringing new innovations into volume production.

In addition to aluminium conductors, LEONI has developed other conductor materials such as CuAg (copper/silver), CuSn (copper/tin) and CuMg (copper magnesium). All products are qualified to automotive industry standards as well as OEM specifications. 

Low cross-section areas

Reducing cable sizes has two key benefits:

  • Weight reduction
  • Smaller harness size – improving vehicle packaging

We work to downsize cable sizes e.g. to 0.22mm2 or even 0.13mm2, and are working on solutions for smaller cross-section areas for the future. Ambient temperature capability ranges from – 40 °C to +150 °C. All products are qualified to automotive industry standards as well as OEM specifications. 

More information can be found on our Automotive Cable Solutions website.

System optimisation

EDS optimisation is all about achieving the best combination of identified factors e.g. size, weight, cost. In order to achieve this, our design teams deploy an innovative approach based on 3 key steps:

  1. Optimisation of the current wiring system design
  2. Further improving the current architecture with new materials
  3. Implementing a new system architecture also using new materials

LEONI has developed and uses comprehensive modelling tools for EDS simulation then validates these results with real life measurement and recording.

An example of our skill set is our proven ability to support customers with the supply of KSK wiring harnesses (Kundenspezifischer Kabelsatz). This allows individual harnesses to be manufactured for a specific vehicle, precisely supporting the customer’s requirements.

Potential benefits from this approach can include:

  • Complexity reduction – reducing part number configurations
  • Cost reduction – eliminating redundancy in the harness
  • Reduced weight – eliminating unused content
  • Obsolescence reduction
  • Improved flexibility in feature offerings