Today’s vehicles are now more and more complex. Greater diversity of vehicle variants and models. More features and more functionality. System optimisation is key to ensuring full EDS functionality in the vehicle with the highest level of efficiency – whilst focused on increasing customer value and reducing weight.

LEONI has the skills and the tool set to do just that.

For example: TOODEDIS (TOOl for Dimensioning the Electrical DIStribution system)

Using TOODEDIS as part of a suite of integrated CAD tools, our engineers can optimise circuit performance and fusing strategies as well as reduce weight and cost.

EDS system architectures

Whatever the vehicle type, and whatever the application, it is vital to have the best EDS system architecture.

There is never just one answer. LEONI’s long experience and proven expertise ensures the right approach and right solution – whatever the vehicle, whatever the application. Passenger cars. Trucks. Off-highway. Power sports. Suppliers.

Our objective is to delight our customers. We determine the best designs – the most efficient, cost effective and best-fit.

Everything is taken into account:

  • Multi-voltage wiring systems
  • Hybrid, electric and fuel cell powertrains
  • Fuse and junction boxes (protection, distribution & control)
  • Vehicle packaging – size and weight targets

It all starts with the right EDS system architecture. We deliver that.


TOODEDIS is a tool embracing LEONI’s in-house dimensioning methodology in conjunction with electrical and thermal models.

The software takes into account the electrical architecture, currents, thermal environment, profiles, standards and other factors – reducing weight by optimising use of materials, cable sizes and fuse ratings.

Our knowledge and experience produces electrical and thermal models that ensure an optimised design and optimised performance – whatever the application or customer requirement.

Vehicle analysis & benchmarking

Comprehensive and structured benchmarking activity, often involving full vehicle strip-downs, provides detailed EDS system analysis and comparison data.

This leads to new ideas and technical proposals ranging from EDS architectures to individual component designs. Understanding today – leads to new ideas for tomorrow.

Our effective benchmarking activity optimises processes across a wide business spectrum – engineering, manufacturing and logistics. Benchmarking also supports product design improvements as well as VA/VE (value analysis/value engineering) inputs.

Continuous investigation. Continuous improvement.

Full vehicle measurement

Full vehicle measurement – based on a “whole vehicle approach”

Full vehicle measurement uses a “whole vehicle approach” to measure and analyse the electrical performance of the overall system and all components.

This provides key inputs to optimising all aspects of the electrical distribution system including architecture definition, functionality and fit within the vehicle.

Full Vehicle Measurement helps to validate wiring system and component designs. The focus is on electrical performance including grounding concepts, fusing strategies and circuit loads.

Our global network of R&D facilities and customer support centres provide a service that can be applied to all vehicle types.

The right skills. The right equipment. The right processes.