From fuse and relay boxes to high power pre-fuse boxes. From metal components to plastic and rubber components. As a global EDS partner LEONI designs these and supplies these. From grommets and pass-through solutions to cable channels. From pyrotechnical circuit breakers to connectors and terminals. Full EDS system expertise – all out of one hand.

Light vehicles. Trucks. Off-highway. Power sports.

Enhancing functionality, optimising performance and reliability. Improving environmental protection, simplifying fit to the vehicle. We have the design tools, manufacturing processes and expertise. Our multi-disciplinary project teams deliver a full service to the customer – from standardised products to tailor-made designs.

Functionality. Efficiency. Safety. We always look for a better way.

Electro-mechanical components

LEONI is an experienced partner developing and supplying electro-mechanical components for all types of vehicles as well as automotive suppliers.

For example, LEONI has developed and supplies a range of products that protect a vehicle’s electrical system against current overload, helping to improve vehicle safety.

Our multiple-fuse unit not only reduces the component count (nuts, bolts, washers etc.) but also enables complex shapes and bending forms to be used. This maximises functional integration as well as reducing weight, cost and the required space envelope. High current circuits are protected by our pyrotechnical circuit breaker. Once triggered by the airbag signal, this can disconnect the vehicle’s electrical power source in < 3 ms.

Grommets & pass-through

A wiring harness passing from one area of the vehicle to another e.g. via a bulkhead needs to be protected from damage caused by vibration or abrasion.

Also, an effective seal is important to prevent water ingress. Grommets can also help to reduce the transfer of noise, so helping to further improve vehicle refinement.

Our extensive range of “pass-through” or grommet solutions provide the harness with the necessary protection – suitable for various applications within the vehicle e.g. tailgates, doors and bulkheads. As well as those made from rubber, grommets or pass-through solutions can be based on overfoaming technology – this ensures complete flexibility with regard to size and topology, thus improving the ease of fit within the vehicle.

Cable channels & brackets

Cable channels have two key roles:

  • Protecting wiring harnesses from damage (abrasion and chafing)
  • Ensuring the harness fits securely in the vehicle (reducing noise and vibration)

When designed in conjunction with the harness topology, cable channels are an integral part of the vehicle’s wiring system. Brackets also enable the harness to be fitted safely and securely in the vehicle.

Our integrated CAD tool-set produces designs in accordance with specific customer requirements and our 3D packaging software ensures the fit within the vehicle will be perfect. Our rapid prototyping and 3D printing capability provides our customers with fast response times when producing samples, helping to reduce overall product development lead-times.