New architecture solutions

New customer requirements. New legislative frameworks. New vehicle platforms. New technology developments. 

The automotive market never stands still – like life, it evolves continuously!

A vehicle’s EDS system architecture and product design need to take all these into account.

LEONI is continually evaluating and developing new EDS architecture concepts. We make sure everything is considered. This is how we ensure our technologies, products and services are just what the customer needs – now and in the future. This includes designs and technical solutions that help to facilitate autonomous driving. Turing tomorrow’s EDS architectures into reality – this is a core competency of LEONI.

Reducing weight. Optimising functionality and reliability. Focusing on cost effectiveness. Eliminating circuit redundancies.

These are part of LEONI’s ongoing reflection regarding the EDS architectures of the future. A clear example of this is the EDS ring architecture incorporating IPDN (Intelligent Power Distribution Nodes).

New EDS architecture solutions – one eye on the horizon. The other eye on the horizon beyond the horizon.