High voltage EDS systems

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Vehicles with “alternative” powertrains are increasingly becoming part of the global mobility solution.

LEONI develops, manufactures and supplies high voltage wiring systems, power distribution boxes and components for hybrid and full electric vehicles. We support this development with proven in-house high voltage cable technology, special components and an overall system approach.

In collaboration with our partners we demonstrate an innovative capability in: 

  • Optimising HV EDS system architectures and product designs 
  • Using innovative materials
  • Series production methodologies

Whatever the powertrain concept, LEONI’s expertise makes life easier for our customers.

HV harnesses

LEONI provides integrated high voltage harness solutions for all alternative drivetrains including hybrid, full electric and fuel cell powered vehicles.

This is a special strength of LEONI.

Based on proven technical concepts and stringent technical specifications, our integrated high voltage wiring harnesses are suitable for light vehicle applications as well as trucks. We also offer interconnection solutions for high voltage batteries (internal battery cabling systems and battery cell connectors).

Voltages and temperatures depend on the vehicle application, but our HV harnesses can operate at up to 1000V DC with an ambient temperature of around 90 °C.

We have been developing and producing HV wiring harnesses since the early days of electromobility in the market place. Our experienced design engineers and project teams can integrate high voltage wiring harnesses as part of a multi-voltage solution (low voltage / 48V / high voltage) to fully optimise efficiency, functionality and fit.

HV power distribution units

LEONI is an experienced supply partner for high voltage power distribution units and components.

These are custom designed to meet both the vehicle and EDS architecture requirements. A typical unit can distribute power to several HV components (e.g. from 5 A to 300 A and up to 800V DC) and can also include safety and security devices. Key features can include shielded single and multi-core interconnections with a low contact resistance for EMC shielding and high power connections.

One example of our HV components is the Y-Power distribution (or splitter) unit. With one input and two output lines, the Y-Power distribution unit provides a more direct transfer of power to the auxiliary units in hybrid and electric vehicles. It is small, light-weight and cost effective. The Y-Power distribution unit also provides an efficient method of extending the capability of the high-voltage network.


High voltage power distribution components

High voltage power distribution components

HV Shield Interconnection for HV- cables


High voltage power distribution unit

High voltage power distribution unit



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