Prevent, Detect and Respond

Compliance has been central to LEONI’s corporate culture for many years. In 2015 we started an initiative to develop further our Compliance Management System; this has three pillars: “Prevent, Detect and Respond”.

Internal measures and processes to ensure adherence to laws and regulations.

To enable early detection of Compliance risks or potential Compliance violations.

LEONI has a Zero-Tolerance Policy against Non-Compliance. Incident reports will be analysed and, if necessary, followed up by an internal and/or external investigation.

To improve the efficiency of our Compliance risk mitigating measures we are refocusing on the key risk areas e.g. anti-corruption, competition law and anti-trust, tax compliance and data privacy.

The global and regional Compliance Officers ensure effective adherence to our Compliance measures and will disseminate the Compliance message across the organisation, including the LEONI regulations and guidelines.

Non-Compliance is not tolerated (Zero-Tolerance-Policy).

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