Environmental performance

Awareness. Responsibility. Sustainability.

As a global business, we recognise our responsibility in areas such as demographic change, climate change and the use of finite resources.

We carefully balance economic, ecological and social issues and take our social responsibilities very seriously. We provide our customers with reliable, high quality products, produced in accordance with the relevant SH&E regulations. We are committed to the continuous improvement of occupational health & safety (OH&S) standards and to the strengthening of environmental protection standards.

The principles behind our work:

  • Continuous improvement in environmental performance (defined targets and the implementation of associated action plans)
  • Reduction in the environmental impact of our products and processes through the economically viable use of the best available technologies
  • Efficient use of environmental resources and energy
  • Compliance with all legislation relating to environmental and OH & S requirements
  • Avoidance of injury and illness among our employees through the preventative risk assessments and the use of effective counter measures


Overview of our locations' certificates:

Certificates by location


Our safety, health and environmental policy is mandatory publication for all our employees.

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Further information can be found on the LEONI Group website.