Materials & applications

Lightness. Strength. Heat resistance. Flexibility.

Working with new materials and technologies is an important part of our product development process.

Identifying the most suitable materials for customer applications is key to cost and technology leadership.

Greater strength. Lower weight. Increased flexibility. Reduced cost.

Examples of this approach include:

  • Ensuring an effective seal in different applications e.g. single wires, connectors, cable bundles, metal and plastic connectors
  • Delivering cost reduction by using optimised materials and/or processes e.g. PUR-foaming, potting, injection-moulding, hot-melt, welding, gluing
  • Reducing weight by using ideal materials combined with the fitting processes
  • Pre-formed harness for mechanical protection, especially for commercial vehicle applications
  • Solutions for high stress areas e.g. high temperature, vibration etc.