Power distribution units

Power distribution units topics:

Conducting power and providing circuit protection. LEONI offers power distribution units based on various technologies – hard-wired, PCB, metal fret and hybrid designs. These can help to support the implementation of new EDS architecture concepts for today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles.

Our power distribution units are designed using the latest 3-D CAD systems and rapid prototyping techniques. Through the integration of electronics we can work to optimise functionality e.g. introducing intelligent security concepts and power management with enhanced diagnostics. Every product is designed to support the customer’s specific requirements – including reducing weight and optimising cost effectiveness.

Circuit protection. Integrated power management. LEONI technology. LEONI solutions.

Light vehicles

Power distribution and control. Integrated electronics. Enhanced diagnostics.

Today’s passenger vehicles have more features – more circuits – greater functionality. Safety and security. Comfort and convenience. Connectivity. The fusebox manages electrical power within the vehicle and provides circuit protection. Integrated electronics can also deliver additional control functionality.

LEONI offers different technical strategies and design solutions – all optimised to the vehicle platform volumes and model requirements. These can include innovative design approaches such as plugging fuses on to the PCB as a direct link to the wiring harness. This simplifies assembly and helps to save weight.


Functionality. Robustness. Reliability.

Trucks and other commercial vehicles lead a tough life. Harsh environmental conditions and an extended operating time mean that all components need to be tough too. Functionality, robustness and reliability are essential.

From the ground up we design power distribution units for commercial vehicle applications. Fuse and relay boxes. Power distribution boxes incorporating a “jump start” facility. Products designed and manufactured to withstand everything e.g. temperature cycling, vibration, oils and salt spray. Purpose built to get the job done.

Pre-fuse boxes

Handling power. Protecting circuits. Delivering safety.

The main purpose of a pre-fuse box in a vehicle is to prevent possible damage caused by current overload in the event of an accident. Typically a pre-fuse box will contain high current fuses ranging from 40 A – 500 A.

LEONI designs, manufactures and supplies pre-fuse boxes either as an integrated part of the wiring system, or as stand-alone units. Pre-fuse boxes can be configured to include megafuses, pyrofuses, multiple fuse units and relays depending on the system requirement and vehicle application.